Our mission is to provide direct anti-bullying services, education, and support to students, families, and school administrators so that children can learn, grow, and thrive uninterrupted by hatred.

NAPAB is a 501c(3) non-profit public benefit foundation organized under the Non Profit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes. 

We advocate on behalf of bullied children and their families.  We help schools across the country begin their own Cool 2 Be Kind Chapters.  We also provide education and support to parents, educators, children and the community at large in order to promote a harassment free society.  

In cases of bullying, NAPAB's goal is to work with school authorities, families and victims of bullying in addition to other parties to bring about peaceful resolution. NAPAB also brings violations of accreditation standards (which require safe, healthy, nurturing school environments) to the attention of the accrediting associations. NAPAB engages in media campaigns with the mass media and provides news media, journalism, and press reports on bullying news, bullying incidents, and bullying litigation to bring national attention on bullying incidents occurring throughout the country.

Since 2012, NAPAB has been helping communities across the country. NAPAB has been featured in countless presentations sponsored across California and the U.S., including the Orange County Department of Education, Orange County Health Care Agency, Mental Health Association of Orange County, and numerous schools of all age levels, including Shonto Preparatory School in Navajo Nation School District. NAPAB has been featured on CBS, KTLA Radio 93.5 AM, KSBR 88.5 FM, a JCTV Public Service Announcement, High School Illustrated, Norton Anti Cyber-Bullying Project, Stop Bullying World, Orange County Register, Laguna Patch, DNAinfo Chicago, Cabinet Report, Mission Viejo Patch, San Clemente Times, TechCrunch, Bullyville, Context Florida, Magic City News, New Santa Ana, Global News Canada, OC Family, and Mark Muñoz’ anti-bullying mini documentary.

NAPAB’s work has been recognized by local and state institutions such as City of San Clemente, San Clemente Junior Women’s League, Orange County Board of Supervisors, Orange County Violence Prevention Coalition, California State Senate, and President Obama. Anna Mendez, NAPAB’s Executive Director, has also been honored with an “Everyday Hero” recognition in Orange County.

We believe all children deserve protection from harassment, abuse and ridicule regardless of race, color, creed, gender identity, or sexual orientation.  We believe bullying, ridicule and physical harm are perpetrated primarily on peace-loving children who are reluctant to fight back.  The children that our society claims to hold in esteem are the same children being targeted on school campuses today.  At NAPAB, we are committed to turning this dynamic around, to preserve our children's happiness so that they can learn, grow and thrive uninterrupted by hatred in order to find their own voices of personal fulfillment.

We believe all children deserve protection from harassment, abuse, and ridicule regardless of race, color, creed, gender identity, or sexual orientation.
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